What We Treat

Adolescent Growth specializes in providing comprehensive mental health services for teens struggling with mental health, substance abuse, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.  It is our mission to provide top quality care for teens age twelve to seventeen who suffer from one or more of these conditions.  Our comfortable, elegant and modern facility in Lombard, Illinois provides struggling teens with a safe place to face fears, learn to cope with life’s struggles and get needs met effectively.

Our experienced team of professionals plans your child’s individualized treatment in a holistic fashion, with careful attention paid to mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  We will work with you closely to ensure that you are supported throughout your child’s treatment and your family is properly equipped to further the positive changes your child will make in our program.

Upon admission, our staff of professionals develops a unique treatment plan for your teen based on their strengths and weaknesses, their history and the issues that brought them to treatment in the first place.

Mental Health Disorders

Mental and behavioral health services at Adolescent Growth focus on treating the individual. We provide specialized treatment for issues up to and including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiance, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit disorder.  Teens in our care receive up to four individual therapy sessions per week, multiple psychoeducational groups per day, physical fitness training and spiritual services including yoga, meditation and non denominational church attendance.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders treatment at Adolescent Growth focuses on establishing new and healthy relationships with food as well as addressing the underlying cause of the eating problems.  Teens with eating disorders do not develop harmful eating patterns out of the blue.  We recognize that treating eating disorders means getting to the root of the problem and helping teens address issues related to self esteem and past traumas that cause and exacerbate disordered eating.

Tasty, healthy meals planned by a registered dietitian ensure that nutritional requirements are met.  Skills and healthy coping mechanisms are taught to assist teens with eating disorders in learning to effectively cope with unhealthy emotions and behaviors surrounding food.  Issues treated include Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia and Eating Disorder NOS.

Substance Abuse

Teens turn to drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons.  Peer pressure, stress at home or at school, past trauma and more may have influenced your child’s decision to use drugs or alcohol.  At Adolescent Growth we understand that teens with substance abuse problems are not delinquents but hurting individuals who need specialized care.  For this reason our substance abuse track not only addresses the addiction but also the underlying issues that led to experimenting in the first place.  Teens with substance abuse problems receive individualized treatment that focuses on improving their overall health and self esteem as well as providing necessary tools to prevent relapse.  Recovery from substance abuse is an ongoing process and as such we provide your child with support even after they have left us in the form of thorough discharge planning and monthly alumni meetings for relapse prevention.

Co-Occurring Disorders

It is common for teens with substance abuse problems to also suffer from a mental health problem as well.  These are known as co-occurring disorders and they require specialized, intensive treatment.  It is critical that teens with co-occurring disorders receive support for both their mental health problems and their addiction.  With that in mind our individualized treatment plans help teens focus on alleviating the suffering caused by the mental health disorder while learning valuable tools to prevent relapse.  Teens with co-occurring disorders at Adolescent Growth make great strides with the support of our caring treatment team and their peers with similar life experiences.  Recovery from co-occurring disorders happens at Adolescent Growth.


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