Our highest tier of care is Residential Treatment.  In Residential Treatment your teen will live at our facility in Lombard, Illinois.  It is important to understand that Residential Treatment is not hospitalization.  There are no gowns, white walls or hospital bracelets.  Our beautiful facility is a home just like any other in a safe and spacious residential neighborhood.  Teens eat meals at a dining room table, sleep in real beds, receive therapy in beautifully decorated offices and attend groups in cozy, sun filled living rooms.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Teens who are in need of a serious intervention can benefit from Residential Treatment in many different ways.  Distance from home provides powerful insight and placing the teen in a brand new environment with caring individuals, positive role models, rigorous structure and supportive peers can create drastic, lasting change.  Teens in residential treatment have the opportunity to start fresh in an environment that is conducive to recovery and supportive of their many and varied needs.

As with all of our programs, teens in residential are treated according to an individualized plan that takes into consideration their strengths, weaknesses, personal goals and everything that brought them to treatment in the first place.  A multidisciplinary team of experts in adolescent health work together to discuss your teen’s specific needs and lay out a plan that evolves as your child progresses throughout our program.

Standard of Care

Adolescent Growth is proud to hold the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Accreditation.  The Gold Seal is an internationally recognized symbol of quality care in the field of mental health.  As with all of our programs, the residential treatment program is held to the highest set of industry standards by the Joint Commission.  We are proud to display the Gold Seal as a symbol of our commitment to the highest quality of care.

Residential Services in Detail

Even before your child arrives at our facility, their individualized plan is already underway and as soon as they step foot in the door, their treatment has begun.  On the day of admission, you will be greeted at the door of our 4500 sq foot residential home and our kind and compassionate staff will take it from there. The following is a detailed breakdown of the services your child will receive while in our care:

  1. Individual Therapy

Within twenty four hours of admission, your child will meet with their primary therapist, who will be the guiding light throughout their stay.  With up to four individual sessions per week, your child’s licensed therapist will work one-on-one with your child to face difficult emotions, uncover their strengths, identify their behavioral triggers and learn new and healthy coping skills.  Individual therapy forms the cornerstone of your child’s holistic treatment, as their individual therapist will spearhead their treatment based on the rapport that they build and the knowledge that they gain of your child and their own unique needs.

  1. Group Therapy

In Residential Treatment, group therapy is provided multiple times per day.  These psychoeducational groups are led by a licensed clinician who guides your teen and their supportive peers through topics including life skills, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, anger management and much more.  The group therapist knows your child and their needs and will tailor each group to their specific issues, concerns and goals.  Teens find that there are many benefits of group therapy, most of which is the support and acceptance they receive from their peers in recovery.

  1. Family Therapy

Your child’s emotional and behavioral problems have an effect on the entire family.  At Adolescent Growth, we pay special attention to parents as well as the family as a whole. We offer a three part solution to the problems your family has faced as a result of your child’s struggles.  First, family therapy is offered up to two times per week.  In family therapy, you  and your child will work closely together to solve communication problems, restore trust and rebuild your precious relationship.

Second, we facilitate a support group for parents to spend time with a licensed clinician who knows your child and can guide you through the difficult emotions that arise when parenting a child who is struggling.  Peer support is also of great value to the parents who attend our support groups, many of whom are glad to know they are not alone.

Lastly, our signature Multi Family Restoration Workshop is an all day affair which offers groups and activities designed to restore order to the family system, rebuild broken relationships and help families accumulate positive experiences.  The Multi Family Restoration Group is an event like no other, and it is held once a week every week that your child is in our care.

  1. Twelve-Step Model of Recovery

Adolescent Growth utilizes the twelve-step model of recovery in helping teens recovery from eating disorders, substance abuse, mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders.  The twelve steps are a proven set of principles that help teens build a framework for recovery.  Twelve step meetings are held daily and tailored to the individual needs of each group.  Teens at Adolescent Growth are encouraged to work through the twelve steps and receive support from our clinical team in using the steps as a viable means of getting better.

  1. Physical Fitness and Nutrition

As a part of our holistic approach to treatment, teens in residential attend a state-of-the-art gym every single day.  The benefits of physical fitness on thoughts, mood and behavior is staggering and all of the teens in our care benefit from this rigorous routine.  To compliment their physical fitness regime, teens in residential treatment are served meals planned by a registered dietitian, who has carefully devised a meal plan that suits the unique needs of adolescents.  This combination of physical fitness and proper nutrition often has a remarkable effect on the teens that stay with us, and many come to discover a new love for exercise and proper diet during their stay.

  1. Spirituality

Adolescent Growth encourages teens in our program to embrace their spiritual side in any way they feel fits.  Studies have shown that spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer and non denominational church attendance have many positive effects on physical and mental health.  Throughout our program teens are encouraged think about what might be their “higher power” and channel that power toward healing and recovery.

  1. Medication Management

Within twenty four hours of your child’s admission, they will meet with our board certified adolescent psychiatrist, who will assess your child and work with you to decide if medication is appropriate and if so, how best to manage your child’s medication.  Your child’s psychiatrist leads our team of professionals in planning their individualized treatment and provides recommendations to the support staff based on their expert evaluation of your child and their needs.

  1. Weekly Outings

Once a week your child will join our support staff on a fun outing where they get to practice their newly acquired skills and learn to love life again.  Outings and events include bowling, miniature golf, zoos, aquariums and much more.  The weekly outing takes place under the careful surveillance of support staff and medical staff.  It is a chance for our teens to get out of the house and have fun.

  1. Academics

Your child will benefit from up to four hours of academic instruction per day. Our Academic Coordinator reach out to your child’s school and receive tests, homework and assignments that your child will complete at our facility.  Once the assignments are complete, you will take them back to your child’s school and collect the next load of work.  Through this process, your child will stay up to date on their school work and our Academic Coordinator will ensure that everything runs smoothly and your child’s school stays up to date.

If you feel that your child could benefit from residential treatment, or any form of assistance from us at Adolescent Growth, please call our Admissions Department for a free consultation at 888.948.9998


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