Partial Hospitalization Program for Teens

Our Partial Hospitalization Program for teens is a full day of intensive therapy and instruction that is run five days per week.  The Partial Hospitalization Program is for teens in need of a structured treatment, but do not need twenty four hour care.  In the Partial Hospitalization Program, teens benefit from a full day of therapy, psychoeducational groups, physical fitness and nutrition and much more.

The Partial Hospitalization Program takes place at our beautiful facility in Lombard, Illinois, a spacious and quiet suburb of Chicago. The facility is a remodeled and splendidly decorated 4500 sq foot home, designed with healing, restoration and comfort in mind.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization is an opportunity for your child to spend five full days per week working on their mental, spiritual and physical health.  Teens in our partial hospitalization program benefit from a rigorous, well rounded structure and individualized attention provided at our facility in Lombard, Illinois. Partial Hospitalization is a chance for your child to pay special attention to themselves, their behavior and their family and have the opportunity to heal, learn and grow.

Standard of Care

As with all of our programs at Adolescent Growth, our partial hospitalization program holds the Gold Seal of accreditation from the Joint Commission, an internationally recognized non-profit accreditation organization.  Treatment programs that hold the Gold Seal are held to a rigorous set of standards that are verified on a regular basis. We are proud to display the Gold Seal as proof of our commitment to providing the highest possible level of care.

Partial Hospitalization Services in Detail

In our Partial Hospitalization Program, your child will spend a full day immersed in our milieu program which includes academic instruction, group therapy, individual therapy, yoga, meditation, physical fitness, nutrition and much more.  The following is a breakdown of the services offered in Partial Hospitalization.

  1. Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, a licensed clinician will build a rapport with your teen and help them through the process of coping with painful emotions, facing fears and learning new helpful coping mechanisms.  Individual therapy takes place three times a week and forms the cornerstone of a holistic approach to treatment which takes into consideration your child’s body, mind and soul.  Your teen’s individual therapist will work with our entire team of professionals to tailor your child’s treatment to their own individual needs.

  1. Group Therapy

Psychoeducational groups take place several times a day.  Led by a licensed clinician, groups focus on the needs of the teens in our care and include topics such as distress tolerance, emotion regulation, anger management, life skills, interpersonal effectiveness and much more.  Teens learn to love groups and see them as an opportunity to share with and get support from their peers and forge new, healthy relationships in recovery.

  1. Twelve Steps

Adolescent Growth instructs teens in the Partial Hospitalization Program using the twelve step model of recovery. The twelve steps are a set of principles for recovery that have helped millions abstain from harmful behaviors that lower their quality of life from alcoholism to emotions anonymous.  Teens in the partial hospitalization program are encouraged to work the steps under the guidance of our licensed clinicians, who tailor our daily twelve step meetings to the specific needs of the teens in our program.

  1. Family Therapy

Adolescent Growth is unique in the field for the careful attention it pays to the family as a whole.  We understand that your teen’s issues have caused a rift in the family that requires special attention to repair.  For this reason we offer a double sided approach to treating the family as a whole.  First, families with a teen in the Partial Hospitalization Program have one family therapy session a week, where interpersonal conflicts can be resolved under the guidance of a professional, and healing can take place and family relationships can be restored.  Second, we offer a parent support group for parents of teens in our program.  The parent support group gives parents access to a licensed clinician that knows their teen who can guide them through the process of recovery.  Many parents also find comfort in support from their peers and knowing they aren’t alone.

  1. Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Teens in our Partial Hospitalization Program benefit from daily exercise at a state-of-the-art gym and a nutrition plan that is built by a registered dietitian.  Physical exercise and proper nutrition do wonders for teens who are suffering from eating disorders, substance abuse, mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders.  Many of the teens in our care rediscover a love for these important facets of a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Spirituality

The benefits of spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer and non denominational church attendance cannot be denied.  People who embrace a higher power of their choice or have a spiritual side are more likely to be physically fit, mentally healthy and have stable relationships free of drugs and alcohol.  Adolescent Growth encourages teens in our care to embrace their spiritual side in any way that feels right to them.

  1. Medication Management

Within twenty four hours of admission, your child will be seen by our staff psychiatrist; a board certified adolescent psychiatrist who will evaluate your teen and decide whether or not medication is an appropriate intervention. Your child’s psychiatrist will lead our team of professionals in devising an individualized treatment plan for your child.  Throughout their time in partial hospitalization, your child will frequently be seen and evaluated by our staff psychiatrist and medication will be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Academics

Teens in our partial hospitalization program receive up to four hours of academic instruction per day.  Our Academic Coordinator will work with you and your child’s school to ensure that homework, tests and assignments are completed in our classroom at the facility.  Throughout your child’s time in our program, our Academic Coordinator will facilitate their education and stay in close contact with you and your child’s school to ensure a smooth transition back to their normal academic life.

For more information about our partial hospitalization please call our Admissions Department, day or night, at 888.948.9998.  Consultations are always free.

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