Adolescent Growth envisions a world where every teen is equipped with the tools they need to be happy and successful.  One teen at a time, we are building a world where young people have the tools and the confidence they to forge their own way in life.  Our holistic program inspires teens to be the best they can be and to face life passionately and with purpose. Our vision is a road map to helping troubled teens:

  1. Stop the Madness: When a child is in turmoil, the family is uprooted and chaos takes hold.  Parents and teens are trapped in a cycle of discord and dysregulation that have become the status quo at home.  The teen is skipping school, doing drugs, self harming, restricting food intake or binging uncontrollably.  Removing your child from their environment is crucial. Your child’s admission to our program will create an artificial end to the madness.
  2. Start the March: As soon as your child is admitted, we begin the process of ending the chaos for good. A thorough and holistic approach to treatment will address your child’s needs physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and more.  When defiant, maladaptive and oppositional behaviors are stopped, they need to be replaced with more effective tools.  Throughout the process of treatment, you and your child will reforge your relationship and learn how to live again.
  3. Stick to the Mandate: Maintenance is the key to a positive outcome and Adolescent Growth is here for you every step of the way. Our unique treatment model allows teens to “step down” to lower levels of care as they progress through our program.  We also provide thorough discharge planning, complete with professional referrals and a detailed plan for staying the course.  Finally, graduates of our program are invited to attend our monthly alumni meetings which are designed to facilitate ongoing recovery and keep teens connected with the positive influence of their peers in recovery and our certified clinicians.

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