At Adolescent Growth, our mission is to provide top quality care to struggling teens.  We pride ourselves on our inimitable attention to detail in everything we do, from treatment planning and beyond.  We understand the delicate process of helping teens in need and as such we address every detail, big and small.  With over ten years of experience healing families and changing lives for the better, we understand the unique needs of adolescents.  Our mission is a multi-faceted plan to provide top quality care at a quantifiable cost in quarters that are warm, comfortable and curative.

  1. Quality Care: The Lombard facility was opened to fulfill a great need in the Chicago area for top quality care for teens. Our program was designed to treat adolescents who are suffering from emotional and behavioral problems that require specialized care. Our Joint Commission Accredited program focuses on treating the individual in a holistic and multidisciplinary fashion.


  1. Quantifiable Cost: Our policy of inclusion extends to the financial sphere of treatment as well. It is our goal to make the entire process as stress free and supportive as possible.  The last thing that should be on your mind while your child is in treatment are financial concerns.


  1. Curative Quarters: A key facet of treatment is the environment in which it takes place. For this reason we have spent tremendous time and effort on developing and decorating our facility.  From cheerful color pallets to modern amenities, our facility in Lombard, Illinois is built on the belief that comfortable, curative quarters are a cornerstone of quality care

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