Our Facility in Lombard, Illinois is a healing space like no other.  This 4500 sq foot home located in a quiet residential neighborhood is designed with warmth and comfort in mind.  There are no gowns, bracelets or white walls here.  Instead, this stately, sun-filled facility features all of the amenities that teens need to feel at home .

Color and style come together in this three story home to produce an atmosphere that is as restorative as it is luxurious.  Teens learn valuable life skills by participating in household chores including cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.  Psychoeducational groups take place in comfortable living spaces and individual therapy sessions are held in richly furnished offices designed to induce maximum comfort and feelings of safety.

Bedrooms are cozy and well-lit with stunning hand-picked art on the walls as well as colorful linens and bedspreads.  Gender separated bathrooms are clean, modern and bright.  All living spaces feature striking and elegant hardwood floors.

Our state-of-the-art conference room is a cheerful and roomy space where parents who live more than 100 miles away can connect with us via teleconference to participate in family groups and receive support in our weekly parent support group.   This room is equipped with the latest teleconferencing technology and is also used to provide interactive psychoeducational groups to our teens.

Treatment at Adolescent Growth focuses on the positive aspects of recovery and it is important to us that each child feels love, respected and cared for.  For this reason we spared no expense in developing and decorating this peaceful and refined place of healing, where every teen who walks through our doors will know just how much we care.

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