What is Dual Diagnosis or Co-Occurring Disorders?

Co-Occurring Disorders, also known as Dual Diagnosis, is when mental health disorders and substance abuse occur together.  Co-Occurring disorders are increasingly common in the teenage population and they require treatment in a specialized program with careful attention paid to the individual needs of each teen.

Co-Occuring Disorders Treatment at Adolescent Growth

Adolescent Growth is a Joint Commission Accredited, Dual Diagnosis treatment center that specializes in treating teens aged 12-17 who suffer from a mental health disorder in conjunction with substance abuse.  Teens with co-occurring disorders in our care receive individualized treatment that focuses on their unique needs, their strengths and the strides they make throughout our program.  Our multi-disciplinary curriculum takes a holistic approach to treatment and recognizes that co-occurring disorders are the result of unresolved underlying issues.

Before your child even walks through our door, their individualized treatment plan is already being developed.  Our multidisciplinary team of professionals works with you, your child and your outside treatment providers to impact your child’s mental health and substance abuse issues through all of the following channels;

Individual Therapy

In one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist, taking place up to four times a week, teens at Adolescent Growth explore the underlying causes of their substance abuse and mental health issues.  Our individual therapists take their time with your child to build a meaningful rapport and get to know them on the deepest of levels.  Using their thorough knowledge of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, they guide your child as he or she learns effective coping skills and healthy ways to get needs met.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, teens share their thoughts and feelings and receive valuable support from their peers.  Under the guidance of a licensed clinician, groups focus on teaching life skills and coping methods including anger management, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and much more.  With multiple group sessions per day, teens build new, healthy relationships and learn effective ways of coping with their own life challenges.

Family Therapy

Co-Occurring disorders in teens have a demonstrable effect on the family as a whole.  For this reason, Adolescent Growth offers a three part solution to your family’s struggles with mental health and substance abuse.  First, family therapy is provided up to two times per week.  With the help of a licensed professional, you and your child will work through disagreements and difficult emotions and learn to communicate more effectively.  Second, our parent support groups provide a safe space for parents to hear from a licensed professional who know their teen and receive support from other parents who are experiencing the same issues.  Lastly, our signature Multi Family Restoration Group focuses on restoring order to the family as a whole.  It is a full day of activities that provides education, helps families build positive experiences and most of all put an end to the chaos in the home.

12-Step Recovery

Adolescent Growth uses the 12-Step model of recovery to create a foundation on which teens can build their new life of sobriety.  The 12-Steps have helped millions of people recover from behavioral issues including but not limited to alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health issues, eating disorders and anger problems.  Teens are encouraged to work through the steps as they progress throughout our program and many find new hope in the underlying principles that are laid out for them via this popular model of recovery.

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Teens at Adolescent Growth visit a state-of-the art gym every single day.  The benefits of rigorous exercise and physical education are undeniable and teens in our care come to look forward to the time that they spend with us healing their body as well as their mind.  This exercise regime is complimented by a nutrition program that is laid out by a registered dietitian, who plans every single meal that teens in our care consume.  The combination of proper diet and rigorous exercise often has profound effects on the behavior and outlook of teens at Adolescent Growth.


At Adolescent Growth, teens are encouraged to embrace their own spiritual beliefs and find inspiration for healing and recovery in the unseen.  Yoga, meditation, prayer and non denominational church attendance inspire teens to look outside of themselves for the strength to succeed and often inspires radical and meaningful change.

Help for Substance Abuse and Mental Health at Adolescent Growth

If your teen needs individualized treatment to overcome their substance abuse and mental health issues, you are invited to call us for a free consultation, day or night, at 888.948.9998.



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