Adolescent Growth Alumni Group

Teens who have graduated from our program are considered a part of the family.  We dearly love to keep in touch with our graduates and wish to support them even after they leave us and go their own way.  To stay in touch and continue to support all of the teens who have completed our program,  Adolescent Growth offers a monthly Alumni Group free of charge to all graduates who wish to receive ongoing support as they continue on their positive new path of recovery.

Alumni Group is a great way for teens to stay in touch with their peers in treatment as well as receive much needed support and encouragement for all of the hard work they do every day.  Each teen gets the opportunity to check in with the group and let everyone know how they are doing.  Topics of conversation are different each month, however the focus is always on moving forward and maintaining the positive changes that they have made with Adolescent Growth.

We are happy to extend to all of our graduates an open and unlimited invitation to our Alumni Group.  For more information about Alumni Group please contact us at 888.948.9998.

A Sample of Some of Our Monthly Topics Include:

The Power of Positivity

Finding Your Passion

Emotional Intelligence

Personal Freedom and Independence


Expressing Gratitude

And much more. . .

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