Accepting that your child needs treatment for an eating disorder is harrowing experience.  At Adolescent Growth, we empathize with your pain. To that end we have searched high and low to assemble the perfect team of Admissions Specialists to coordinate your child’s intake into our program.  When you call us at Admissions, you can expect to be heard and understood by a kind and compassionate counselor who understands the urgency of your situation.  The Admissions procedures are designed to smoothly and efficiently exchange all of the information that is needed to admit your child to our program.

Admission to our Program is a Three Step Process.

  1. Verification of Benefits

    When you first call our specialists, they will collect your insurance information and get back to you to explain what services your insurance covers.

  2. Pre-Assessment

    After your benefits have been explained, we will complete what is known as a pre-assessment.  The pre-assessment is a thorough telephone evaluation done with you, the parent, which takes into consideration your child’s current and past conditions.  Once the pre-assessment is complete, our clinical team will review it and determine whether or not your child is a good fit for our program and what services our experts feel that he or she needs.

  3. Consents

    Before your child can be admitted to our program, you must sign a series of consents to allow us to provide treatment to your child.  This is a simple process that our admissions counselors will help you with if you get stuck along the way.

How the Intake Process Works

Once this three step process is complete, you are ready to admit your child. We will send you a list of what to pack and what to leave at home. Once you have packed and prepared, you are ready to bring your child to our facility. As soon as you arrive at our door, the facility staff will be ready and waiting to welcome your child and begin his or her treatment.
A seven day disengagement period begins as soon as your child enters our program. This time is spent helping to acclimate your child to our program, building a rapport with him or her and generally “detoxing” the teen from their typical milieu. You will be invited back to the facility to participate in Individual Therapy, Parent Support Groups and the Multi Family Restoration Workshop.